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Current Status



Centre: 25,

Children: 555

SHG Member: 45 


Centre: 38
Children: 985

SHG Member: 80


Centre: 30
Children: 452
SHG Member: 60


Centre: 11
Children: 159
SHG Member: 17


No. of Centre: 11
No. of Children: 345
No. of SHG Member: 32

Para-Lekha 2021-2022


No. of Centre: 113
No. of Children: 2440
No. of SHG Member: 270

In Birbhum- Para Lekha programme, LFWB had made a partnership with Pratham Education Foundation, who are well known in the education field for their interventions at foundational education. LFWB organized training for SHG members, where Pratham had trained them in the villages. The trained SHG members have set up 85 centres with `1496 children from grade 1-5 in Nagari, Khatanga and Alunda anchal. Language and math packages are provided by Liver Foundation to the centre for development of basic literacy and numeracy of the children. After receiving training mothers/ SHG members conducted baseline testing for children, based on which children are taught by them with the materials provided by LFWB. A group of volunteers on behalf of LFWB monitor the centres and help SHG members in their work. There is a demand from the field to expand the programme in other GPs also.

No. of Centre: 31


No. of Children: 706
No. of SHG Member: 58

In Rautora GP of Bankura a tripartite work is going on between Liver Foundation, Vikramshila Education Resource Society (VERS) and Pradaan. VERS is providing basic support in the 31 centres, where 58 SHG members are working with 706 children on basic literacy, SHG members were trained by VERS. On the other hand Pradaan is supporting the livelihood of the SHG members. Along with this Liver Foundation is also supporting the health education of the children in the area. The district administration of Bankura has requested LFWB to extend their support in Sonamukhi block.

No. of Centre: 15


No. of Children: 395
No. of SHG Member: 28

In Bagnan VERS also trained 28 SHG members for 2 days who worked for 2 months with 395 students in their 15 centres to achieve basic literacy and numeracy.


No. of Centre: 4
No. of Children: 130
No. of SHG Member: 30
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